the ultimate douchebag

Hi there babes and bros. I'm your friendly Bike Bro, and I’ve worked as a mechanic in addition to restoring and building bikes from scratch. I put together this website as a resource for two types of people: those who want to buy a bicycle but don't know really know where to start, and those who've owned a bicycle for a while but want to learn a little more. To convey all this amazing stuff I've written a bunch of useful content and hand-drawn some epic pictures. Best of all, it's free. The Bro doesn’t want anything from you except for peace and love and chillness.

For the first-time bicycle buyer, BikeBro.com is designed to be read section-by-section. However, feel free to start clicking around if you just want to explore. As you go through the different pages, you’ll first learn what types of bikes are out there. Once you’ve identified the most appropriate type, you can learn about buying a new vs. used bike and what to look for in each, then you’ll check out a page to help you understand what size bike should fit best. I’ll explain some of the more important technical issues critical to your safety, and what sort of things might be a good idea to throw some cash down on to maximize the enjoyment of your bicycling experience.

What's that? "Bike Bro, I just want a bike to get around on and I can't stand reading your poorly-constructed sentences and derisive comments!" That's OK, I prepared for that. If you want to skip the learning and go straight to the bikes I'd probably tell you to buy, check out the last menu item.

It’s time to get down to business, so grab a refreshing beverage and take a look at the rest of the site. If you’ve got any questions, shoot the Bro an email by filling out the form here.