If you are on this website, you probably could use a little help buying a bicycle. Buying a bike is a lot like nursing a hangover: stay hydrated, avoid bright lights and sounds, and most importantly, take it one step at a time. Take the time to think about whether you want to buy something new or used, and if you’ve decided you want to check out a used bike, learn what to look for so you don’t get hosed. And no matter what type of bike you're looking at, knowing what level of components it has can clue you in to the bike's quality.


new bikes
Should You Buy a New or Used Bike?
Importance differences between new and used bicycles


used bikes
What to Look for in a New Bike
If you want to buy a new bike, check this out


used bikes
What to Look for in a Used Bike
If you want to buy a used bike, this is what you need to know


Bicycle Component Sets
Learn about the different sets of parts that make a bicycle useful